embalming supplies and mortuary supplies

Hizone Brands, Limited manufactures and sells chemical products (embalming supplies and mortuary supplies) to embalmers, funeral homes and mortuaries for over 80 years.

What would be a good reason to choose Hizone Brands as your new embalming products supplier? Some of your possible reasons may include the following:

" Improved final embalming quality with more consistent and predictable results.
" Easier and less challenging embalming procedures.
" More life-like and natural results as a starting point for your restorative arts.
" Confidence of a quality embalming supplies.
" Reduced finished costs by eliminating the added labor time for extra embalming corrective steps.
" The net cost savings achieved by the lower usage quantities required when using either superior performing or more concentrated products.
" Unhappy about the customer service provided by your previous fluid supplier.
" Deal direct with the manufacturer of embalming supplies to eliminate the costs of the middleman reseller.

Call us now at 1-800-522-7961, mention code HW1 and receive FREE samples of some of our embalming supplies and mortuary supplies.

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Hizone Brands, Limited offers a comprehensive line of our own mortuary supplies which include an assortment of Arterial and Cavity fluids, a series of additives and supporting chemicals, cavity fillers and hardening compounds, and cosmetics. We are the exclusive manufacturers of the original time-proven and very effective external embalming powder, Paulex Powder (TM). We also supply many sundry products as a convenience to our customers. Information about the mortuary supplies can be found by selecting the "PRODUCTS" section and its sub-menus. If you know our product's Tradename but are not certain what chemical category to begin to look for it, use our handy alphabetical Product Finder page within the "PRODUCTS" section.

Ordering Hizone Brands' products directly on-line from this website has not yet been implemented. We have that action as our goal. When on-line orders of Hizone Brands' mortuary supplies are possible, the "ORDER" section is where you will want to go.

We have information about our standard ordering and shipping policies, Special Deals and How to save between 30% to 40% for your chemical orders, and Featured Promotions in the "PROGRAMS" section.

Hizone Brands, Limited is celebrating over 80 years of manufacturing and selling chemical products (mortuary supplies) for embalmers and mortuaries. For additional information regarding our long and unique history, view the "ABOUT US" section.

Our mailing and shipping address, telephone number, FAX number, and our e-mail address is listed at the bottom of each web page and you may use any of these methods to contact us. You may also select the "CONTACT US" section to access our standard information request form which is automatically submitted to our e-mail address.

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