Jaundice Special (16)

Jaundice Special arterial fluid is a 16 index chemical concentrate developed specifically to address the special considerations for embalming jaundice cases. The combination of Jaundice Special along with our Modaflex Co-injection additive provides good clearing and tissue color along with desired preservation and firmness without requiring the additional procedure of extensive circulatory system flushing for most cases. We add buffer chemicals to stop (inhibit?) biliverdin formation (the greening effect) within the cadaver. Jaundice Special contains a high Eosin dye concentration which creates a red / peach internal masking coloration, but more dye can be used if desired.

Application Suggestions:

Wash the body with Neer (a germicidal soap / detergent) to remove external surface discoloration while massaging the body surface to promote "circulation". Mix 16 ounces Jaundice Special with 16 ounces Modaflex to make each gallon of injection fluid. The average body typically requires 4 gallons of this embalming solution. Extremely severe jaundice concentrations may require a combination of the Modaflex Co-Injection and Selco Drainage additives as a first injection drainage and circulatory flush procedure to remove most of the yellow bile pigmentation prior to actual preservation using the formaldehyde. If higher than normal water levels are present within the body, increase the Modaflex Co-injection concentration within the injection fluid to aid in reducing the water content to near normal levels.

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