Aquafix -- humectant additive
Modaflex Co-injection
Phenometh -- supplemental and additive product
Selco Drainage Chemical -- arterial fluid additive
Water Conditioner -- arterial fluid additive

Chromagen Cosmetic Arterial (20 index)
Hizoil -- the premier oil emulsion embalming fluid series
Hybrenol -- a complete low index embalming fluid
Jaundice Special (16)
Nasco -- isotonic arterial fluid series
Penarc -- traditional arterial embalming fluid series
Vitaflex Arterial (20)
Vitagen Arterial (30)

Hi-Dri Cavity Filler (contains no Formalin)
Hema-Dri Autopsy Compound, a cavity filler
Hizone Hardening Compound
Kalock Hardening Compound

Cavogen Cavity (24)
Cavoil -- the oil emulsion cavity embalming fluid
Cavreen Cavity (24)
Hizone Cavity Fluid -- a low odor medium index cavity fluid
Pharos -- an extremely high index cavity fluid
Sandow -- a medium index cavity embalming fluid
Zonoform Cavity (6)

Hizone Deodorant Powder -- a product for the preparation room
Lawdean II -- "dry wash"
Leak-Knot -- Incision Sealant Powder
Lip-Tite -- repositionable lip adhesive
Restorative Wax / Wound Filler
Seal-O-Tite -- liquid incision sealer
Solvene -- specialized cleaning solvent
Tissue Filler

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