End-user Customers

Hizone Direct policy savings: 15%
Standard Freight Allowance policy savings: 10% to 30% of order total

Hizone Direct policy

Customers who purchase a total of $200 or more of Hizone manufactured products in a single order for delivery to one location, and if the invoice is paid in full within the Net 30 Days, will earn a 15% credit of those Hizone products to be applied to their next order within the next 12 months.

Standard Freight Allowance policy

Current ground Freight Allowance Terms: If the invoice is paid within the standard Net 30 Days terms, and if the sub-total amount for your Hizone manufactured products is:
3 Below $249, no freight deduction;
3 Between $250 and $499, deduct 25% of the invoiced freight*;
3 Between $500 and $999, deduct 50% of the invoiced freight*;
3 Over $1000, deduct the entire invoiced freight amount *.

*  The potential Freight Allowance deduction excludes any Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods freight and their special handling added charges.

Terms and Conditions: F.O.B.  Elk Grove, IL;  payment within Net 30 Days. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped best method: UPS Ground, FedEx Ground or Common Carrier truck. Shipments via UPS Ground and FedEx Ground have a handling charge of $4.00 per standard package *.

Index Number is the actual Formaldehyde percentage within the concentrated pint. This is shown as (20) for the 20 Index.
Samples: Evaluation samples are available on request for all products manufactured by Hizone. Please discuss your preferences with us.

Please call with any questions you may have.

NOTE:  Past Due Accounts do not qualify for Freight Allowances

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